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Claims for Refunds and Replacements

1. Every customer has the right to return the ordered product within 14 days, counting from the day the shipment was received. Should the bought product is not suitable for you for whatever reason, please send back to us within the aforementioned time period on your own cost, together with the information about what you expect in return (replacement or refund). Refund via money transfer only.
2. In case of both money refund and product replacement, you must provide a printed out, filled out and signed form (.. claim for refund and replacement...Return ..) and receipt.
3. In case the size of the ordered product does not suite the customer, it is possible to replace it for the same kind of product with the corrected size, all based on the conditions given in the Returns section.
4. We do not accepted any parcels sent back to us through the cash on delivery method.
5. The customer sends the product back to us on their own cost. Chrom Skateshop sends the replacement on the customer's cost which equals 15 Polish Zloty. It is possible that Chrom Skateshop does not have other sizes of the product the customer would like to receive the replacement of. That is why we would like to ask our customers to get in touch with us before they decide on sending us the product back, and arrange a probable replacement for a different product with the same price tag, or a more expensive product with an extra charge.
6. We do not accept any parcels sent to through the cash on delivery method.
7. Should the product returned be not acknowledged (sent back after the return time period, without tags or the box, tainted, or damaged), it will be sent back to the customer on their own cost.
8. The costs of the parcels in case of product replacement resulting from an erroneous shipment by CHROM are covered by CHROM.
Templates for download:
Please send the returns to: sklep@chrom.com.pl
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