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How to get your skateboard?

We are sure every one of you asks themselves this question...
How do I get my skateboard?
Following are some hints
It definitely makes the most important part of the skateboard. The skateboard top available on the market are different from each other mainly in the respect of their graphical design and size, which has to match the rider's foot size, and their own riding preferences.
Currently, the most popular skateboard top sizes range from 7.75" to 8.5".
A professional skateboard top price ranges from 139 to 259 Polish Zloty.
2. Trucks
On the one hand, trucks are the element of the skateboard that gets worn out most and the link between the skateboard and the wheels, but on the other hand it is also the most robust of the skateboard elements. The truck price ranges from 70 to 249 Polish Zloty.
Less expensive models are characterized by a heavier weight and a less robust material they are made of. We think that it is more advisable to invest in a more expensive equipment, since trucks make the element which needs to be replaced most rarely, at the same time having a significant influence on the comfort of riding.
3. Wheels and Bearings
Bearings make an element disregarded by many, which, in fact, plays a very important role. Thanks to good quality bearings, we won't need to pay so much attention to having the speed under control while riding, since the skateboard won't be "sluggish".
The most important criterion you must take under consideration when choosing good quality bearings is their speed. Available are 4 options - ABEC 1, ABEC 3, ABEC 5, and ABEC 7. We recommend models in the 5 - range, they let you stay at a decent speed, and at the same time are damage-free. Quality bearings cost about 60 Polish Zloty.
Wheels made of polyurethane or urethane, with the bearings fitted in on both sides, and slid onto the truck axle, twisting the nut.
How tough wheels to choose...
97 - 98A - Soft wheels, ideal for a bowl or rampage, make little noise, and amortize against little rocks very well.
99A - Semi-tough wheels, ideal for beginners.
100A - Tough wheels, most popular. Ideal for street riding or powerslides.
101A - Very tough wheels.
How big wheels to choose?
There are various wheel sizes to choose from, including:
60mm+, very big wheels - just like those from the crazy 70s and 80s when long-haired surfers rode their fish.
54 - 55mm - Big wheels good for the pool, alternatively for street riding too.
52 - 53mm - Middle-sized wheels, very good for street riding.
50mm and smaller - Little wheels, ideal for the Freestyle and Flat (technical skateboard riding).
Wheels cost from 50 to 150 Polish Zloty.

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