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1. CHROM Skateshop online is operated by the CHROM company, located at ul. Waryńskiego 40A/6 VATIN 957 044 02 26 REGON (similar to the American Taxpayer Identification Number) 191846740 Telephone: +48 609-212-133.
2. A purchaser at the CHROM Skateshop online can be any Legal or Natural Person.
3. Making an order at the CHROM Skateshop online means that the consumer accepts the resale terms and conditions resulting from the following regulations, and accepts the fact they are obliged to follow the conditions contained within.
4. The product prices are expressed in the Polish Zloty Currency (PLN), and do not include the transport cost.
Derogation from the agreement (return) refers to the consumer only. Should the product not meet the consumer's expectations, the consumer has the right to return the purchased product within 14 days from the day they received the product. Please include the return form or a handwritten letter containing the information essential for obtaining a refund or a product replacement.
5. Orders can be made 24/7, all around the year. Orders can be made by sending an e-mail message to chrom@chrom.com.pl, or by phone, or by sending a text message at 609212133. The CHROM Skateshop online abides itself to investigate a submitted order within 24h time from the time the Customer makes an order.
6. The process of investigating the submitted order consists of: Checking whether or not the ordered are in stock, checking whether or not the information submitted by the Client is complete and contacting the Client by phone in order to confirm the information provided, as well as the quantity, type and prices of the products ordered.
7. The order is accepted when all the order form fields are filled properly in the process of making an order only.
8. In the "Order Remarks" field the Customer can additionally describe their requests or remarks considering the order submitted. In such a case, we will do our best to meet the Customer's expectations, albeit we do not take any responsibility for any discrepancies between the information described by the Customer in the remarks concerning the order and those delivered with the order.
9. The order realization has 3 stages:
a) The Customer is automatically sent an e-mail message to their e-mail address that the order has been acknowledged, along with the information about the order contents and due charge to be paid.
b) The order is investigated by the shop staff.
c) The order is shipped to the Customer, and the Customer is informed about that fact via e-mail message sent to their e-mail address.
The Customer is informed about any progress concerning their order via e-mail in au courant.
10. The order realization time is up to 7 days.
11. In case the product is not in stock, the Ordering Party is informed about this fact, and the delayed order realization time resulting from it. If the Ordering Party does not agree for the order realization time to be prolonged, they can cancel the entire order, or those items of it that cause the order realization time delay.
12. The Customer has the right to cancel a particular product order, provided that the product has not been shipped to the Customer yet.
13. Every order is added a shipment cost which is dependent on the payment method and the way of delivery. Polish Post shipment: Cash on delivery - 17 Polish Zloty, money transfer - free of charge. Courier shipment: Cash on delivery - 15 Polish Zloty, money transfer - free of charge. In case of money transfers, parcels are not shipped until after the transfer is booked on our bank account.
The total cost is presented to our Customers prior to the due charge settlement, which  allows for holding back from the transaction.
14. The seller is obliged to delivery a defect-free product. We are held responsible as the workmanship is concerned for physical and legal defects of the product within the scope laid down in art. 556 and further of the Civil Code, dated 04.23.1964 (Journal of Laws from 2014, Item 121). The cost of the parcel claimed for refund is covered by the Purchaser.
15. Differences resulting from the individual settings of the Client's computer (colors, proportions, etc.) cannot constitute a basis for the claim for refund.
16. Only the latent defects, resulting from the manufacturer's fault, make the Customer eligible for a refund.
17. The claim for refund shall be investigated and sent back within 21 labor days' time period from the day the damaged product was delivered.
18. Product the return of which is not acknowledged (sent back after the time period specified, tainted or damaged), will be sent back on the Customer's cost.
Please send the products bought to: Sklep Chrom ul. Wajdeloty 10 80-242 Gdańsk
19. We reserve the right to make changes to the offer, including: price changes, and the number of products offered, products withdrawn from the offer or new products introduced to the offer.
20. Filling up the form with the Customer's data is synonymous with giving the consent for personal data storage and processing for the purpose of transaction realization and accounting. The Customer's personal data will be processed solely for the purpose of order realization. The said data if confidential and it shall not be disclosed to any third parties.
21. The Customer has the right to take a look into their data and make changes to it, as well as to remove it from the database.
22. Personal Data - The information provided while making an order for the purpose of shipment. Personal Data submission is safe and fast, encrypted by the https protocol. The Personal Data Protection Act, dated 08.29.1997 (Journal of Laws, No. 133, Item 883) lays down the principles of action when processing personal data as well as the rights of the Natural Persons whose personal data is or may be processed in personal data sets. Personal data processed by Chrome Skateshop in compliance with Art. 23, Section 1, Item 3-5 of the Personal Data Protection Act, dated 08.29.1997, are processed solely for the purpose of mail delivery realization. Chrom Skateshop obliges itself not to provide any personal data to any third entities.

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